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Minister Mircea Duša Visits Deveselu Military Base

Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, went to Deveselu, on Thursday, April 18 to check on the status of the works made to organize the military training facility that will be part of the US ballistic missile defence system.
The delegation was mainly interested in seeing the access road in order to make a correct estimate of the works to be done and set a deadline. "We wanted to check on the status of the works and this can be done only on the spot. The Defence Ministry together with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration succeeded in allocating money for the waste water plant and solve the issue related to the road crossing over the railway that facilitates the access to the future base. The access road and the waste water plant will be finalized until the end of June with the help of the City Hall ", declared the defence minister.
Also, minister Duša promised the City Hall representatives they would get the ministry’s support so that all the works assigned to the Romanian part be finalized according to the schedule.

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