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Minister Mircea Duşa meets with General William M. Fraser III

Minister of National Defence Mircea Duşa met with General William M. Fraser III, Commander of the U.S. Transportation Command, at the Ministry of National Defence headquarters in Bucharest, Tuesday, April 30.

The talks outlined the US - Romanian cooperation within the framework of the strategic partnership, with a focus on the military cooperation, NATO Transformation and the latest developments in Afghanistan.

Minister Mircea Duşa expressed his believe that the relationship between Romania and the United States would continue to be beneficial to the European and Euro-Atlantic security.

“We do appreciate the outstanding support provided by the US in training our military prior to their deployment to Afghanistan, and in procuring top priority equipment, as well as for the excellent cooperation between our soldiers during the joint operations”, Minister Duşa said.

In the same line, the Romanian Defence Minister showed that ISAF redeployment is expected to be a rather difficult task to fulfill, in which NATO would play the key role in coordinating the allied redeployment efforts.

The Romanian minister said that Romania will continue to support the US Forces’ rotation through the Constanta-Mihail Kogalniceanu transportation hub.

“Romania highly appreciates the US support in repatriating the Romanian military from the Afghanistan Theatre of Operations”, Mircea Duşa added.

In turn, General Fraser showed that Romania had been a reliable partner for the US, and would get all the support needed in withdrawing its military from Afghanistan.

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