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Four soldiers of the 2nd "Yellow Scorpions" Maneuver Battalion were injured as their armored car was overthrown, during a mission in Afghanistan, on Sunday 19 May, around 12.00.

The four soldiers were on a patrol mission on A1 route, Zabul Province, Afghanistan when a tire exploded causing the overthrown of the MRAP they were in.

Following the accident, Sergent Dorin Segedi, and Corporals 3rd class Sorin Bănulescu, Sergiu Ola and Elena Cristina Marin were injured.

After the first aid procedures applied on site, the soldiers were evacuated at the field hospital Apache.

At present, the soldiers are stable and under medical supervision.

The leadership of the soldiers` units as well as that of the defence ministry is constantly updated on the state of their health.

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