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Minister Mircea Duša Participated in the the Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels

During the reunion, the Romanian defence minister conveyed the position of our country towards the development stage of the defence capabilities to reach the NATO level of ambition.

At the end of multilateral consultations to establish capabilities packages for each of the allies, Minister Mircea Duša agreed to all the capabilities targets allotted by the Alliance, pointing out that the test of this political commitment lies in its implementation stage.

Talking of investments for the development of capabilities, NATO Secretary General conveyed his message of appreciation for the nations that decided to increase their defence budgets by 2 percent of the GDP and recommended the other allies to take steps along the same line.

Talking of the implementation of the NATO missile defence capability, the Romanian minister reiterated the commitment of Romanian authorities to reach the goals established with the American partner related to rendering operational elements of missile defence on the Romanian territory.

As to the real threats posed by cyber attacks on NATO infrastructure, the defence minister stressed how important it is that the Alliance has clear strategic options in this field. “It is a field where threats are highly dynamic and NATO should be able have an active response in defence of its information networks and in support of its members, should the need arise", minister Duša pointed out. Cooperation and developing partnerships is also necessary in the field of cyber defence together with other international players such as EU and UN and a selective partnership with NATO partner states, the private sector and academia.


This is the second Defence Ministers’ meeting this year and an important step towards the implementation of the decisions of the Chicago Summit, regarding the transformation and reform of the Alliance. The meeting is the initial stage in preparing NATO’s Summit agenda of 2014. The event involved defence ministers of the allied countries, from ISAF contributors as well as EU and UN representatives.

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