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June 7,04 the UN Council of Security adopted the draft of the resolution suggested by Romania, UK and USA on the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq and establishment of the Iraqi Ad-interim Government.

Ministry of National Defence appreciate the resolution will create the premises in ensuring the internal stability by defining the new type of attributions and relations of cooperation and assistance at level of forces of Coalition, committees and UN representatives and the Iraqi Government.

Ministry of National Defence started a process of analyzes on the impact of the present stipulations on role and attributions of the Romanian military dislocated within the divisions led by UK and Poland. The analyze will represent a base for the detailed information of the Romanian commanders on the present developments and the measures to be taken by the International Coalition in the near future and the evaluation of the activity developed till now by the Romanian contingents. This evaluation will establish how the activities developed till now are inscribing in the new context for the fulfillment of missions of Coalition, the elements of change created by UN and how to proceed in the future for the participation to the international efforts of stabilization.

Ministry of National Defence consider the new resolution of the UN Council of Security represent a solid base for defining an effective partnership of security between the Iraqi Government and the forces of the International Coalition.

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