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Checking the Process of the Troops Selection for Afghanistan Deployment

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, ordered that the Directorate for the Prevention and Investigation of Corruption and Fraud of the Ministry of National Defence should make some detailed verifications. The control consisted of checking the existence of possible irregularities in the organization and conduct of the soldiers selection for their deployment to Afghanistan over the next period.

According to the investigation, none of the 850 soldiers questioned claimed that he was asked or that he offered money, gifts or other forms of incentives.

18 soldiers made observations or complaints concerning technical aspects of the selection process. Each case was checked individually, solved and the results was transmitted to the interested parties, which did not affect the results of the already closed selection process.

The conclusions led to the decision of the defence minister that the future selection processes be attended by a representative of the General Staff.

Minister Duša also ordered that measures be taken to improve the communication between echelons and selection boards on the one hand and the soldiers involved in the selection process on the other, for an accurate explanation of the selection criteria, norms and standards.

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