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Minister Mircea Duša, at the Opening of the New School Year

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, participated in the ceremonies organized for the opening of the new school year at the Military Technical Academy and the National Defence University, "Carol I", on Tuesday, 1 October.

"Military school, whether we speak of high school of higher education, is an elite one. It is not just me saying it but people in other education fields and international partners. It is important that school adapt to the needs of society, of economy so that it does not produce redundant graduates but people ready to perform in the ranks of the military", the defence minister told those present at the ceremony at the Military Technical Academy.

Minister Mircea Duša also made clear that he would support access of military students from the Republic of Moldova to Romanian military higher education.

While at the National Defence University, "Carol I", minister Duša emphasized that the modernization of the military would continue and that the school year starting today is part of this process.

Mircea Duša emphasized that he intends to regulate military activity and encouraged the university staff to make propositions on the legislative projects concerning the organization of the defence ministry, the status of military personnel and the military pension system.

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