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Romanian Minister of National Defence: US-Romanian Strategic Partnership is one of the main lines of action of Romania`s foreign and defence policy

The most important moment of Minister Dusa`s visit was the meeting with his US counterpart, Charles Timothy Hagel. The meeting of the two officials started with the welcome ceremony with military honors at the Pentagon and continued with talks with all the members of the two delegations.

On this occasion, the Romanian defence minister thanked the USA for the support given to bilateral cooperation, which he appreciates as "solid, based on trust and continuity", while his American counterpart shared the same opinion.

The two officials talked of the international security environment, exchanged ideas on the development of defence capabilities within NATO through projects such as "Smart Defense" against the background of the global economic crisis and limited defence resources, as well as main aspects of the US-Romanian strategic partnership.

They talked of the acquisition program of F-16 aircraft for the Romanian military and pilots` training, cooperation with a view to withdrawing from Afghanistan and the stage of the defence missile works at Deveselu. As to the last subject, Minister Duša emphasized that Romania fulfilled its commitments in due time and will continue to do so until the project is completed.

Afghanistan was another important point on the agenda. The Romanian defence minister pointed out that the period after 2014 will be a new transformation stage when Romania will continue to be engaged in maintaining the cohesion and stability of the Alliance. The medical treatment given to Romanian soldiers in American hospitals and the support of Romanian troops in carrying out their missions were elements the Romanian delegation wished to point out during the meeting.

The two officials "also agreed to look for ways to expand our strong military cooperation as well as to support Romania`s efforts to become a leader in the region and in NATO."

At the end of the talks the Romanian defence minister invited his American counterpart to participate in the events organized in celebration of 10 years since NATO integration and 20 years since signing the Partnership for Peace. The US Secretary of Defense welcomed the invitation and expressed his satisfaction on Romania`s evolution within NATO.

* * *

Following his Senate career, Secretary Charles Timothy Hagel served as Co-Chairman of President Obama`s Intelligence Advisory Board and a member of the Secretary of Defense Policy Board.

He was invested as the 24th US Secretary of Defense on 27 February 2013, becoming the first war veteran to hold the office as Secretary of Defense.

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