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Videoconference with Troops in Theaters of Operations

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duşa, held a videoconference on Monday, 23 December, with the Romanian troops deployed in theaters of operations of Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"My thoughts are with you, the troops deployed in theaters of operations; I hope you have all the necessary conditions to conduct your missions safely and now, in the eve of winter holidays, I wish to send you our best wishes and our thanks for everything you do for the benefit of the people in your area of responsibility”, was Mircea Duşa’s message to the troops in mission.

The minister also told the soldiers far away from home, that they are an example for every Romanian citizen due to the courage they show and that the defence ministry leadership will do all that is necessary to assist them in accomplishing their mission.

The commanders of Romanian detachments in theaters of operations reported to the defence ministry leadership that the Romanian troops conduct their missions with responsibility, that they are disciplined and correct in their cooperation relations with allies and partners. At present, there are over 1,000 Romanian troops deployed in theaters of operations.

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Actualizare: 23.02.2019