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Romanian and Bulgarian Defence Ministers Have a Bilateral Meeting at Ruse

The meeting of the two ministers took place on the occasion of the High Level Joint Meeting of the Cooperation Council of Bulgaria and Romania that takes place in Ruse, Bulgaria, on Friday, 7 March.

The message conveyed by the Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, to his Bulgarian Counterpart is that the two countries could better capitalize on their bilateral cooperation and increase their visibility in NATO and EU.

"I appreciate the bilateral military cooperation between our military services and signing the Memorandum of Understanding by our governments will give us the opportunity to conduct together activities to achieve the full interoperability of our two countries", Minister Duša declared.

The Romanian defence minister pointed out that, as Romania took over the chairmanship of SEDM, our country is highly interested in the actions that aim at stabilizing and increasing security in the area. NATO missile defence project is essential for NATO’s defence posture.

"We endorse the 'open doors policy' both with regard to NATO in its post-2014 configuration of a credible Alliance, capable to meet its strategic objectives and to the partners that aspire to join NATO", the Romanian defence minister declared.

Another topic approached was the participation with troops in operations in Afghanistan post-2014. The message of the Romanian delegation was that our country would continue the process during the future training, counseling and assistance mission of the Afghan Security Forces.

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