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NATO Defence Ministers` Reunion

When preparing the September Summit, the allied defence ministers evaluated the status of the defence capability development and restated the commitment for the implementation of the package of reassurance measures in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.

In this line, the Romanian Defence Minister Mircea Duša stated the fact that the "Alliance must intensify common exercises and concentrate their preparation on the collective defence with the view to increase NATO’s reaction capability" to adequately respond to the new security environment from the region.

Minister Duša emphasized that Romania appreciates the Alliance’s efforts in demonstrating the common action and solidarity with all member states. Also, the Romanian official highlighted the need that the Allies commonly act so that NATO adapt in order to answer to the new challenges posed by the new European security environment. "We are committed to contribute to the development of the allied capabilities and to annually increase the financial resources allocate to the defence budget ", the Romanian defence minister stated.

The Minister of National Defence supported the transformation of the North Atlantic Alliance and the consolidation of a new strategic position for the September Summit. Also, he emphasized the fact that Romania is ready to bring its contribution in this respect by confirming "the national decision on consolidating the policy and the allied agreement on allocating the 2% of the GDP for the defence budget, so that we can reach this target beginning with 2017".

The reunion also included a session of NATO-Ukraine Board, when the Ukrainian defence minister briefed the audience on the current evolution of the crisis and reiterated the support requests offered by the allies.

The solidarity with the Kiev authorities and the support offered for a peaceful settlement of the crisis situation by respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine were restated.

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