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Defence Minister Mircea Dușa’s meeting with the Chief Executive of European Defence Agency, Claude-France Arnould

The defence minister emphasized the importance of the visit paid by the Chief Executive of European Defence Agency. This is the first visit in Romania paid by a high European official in the defence and security field, after a long period of time.

In this line, Mircea Dușa stated that "Defence matters in the European Union; it is very important that the public opinion acknowledges the necessity to develop certain credible military capabilities that can enable the increase of EU’s strategic economy in the crisis situation management ".

In his turn, EDA’s Chief Executive highlighted the fact that "Romania is a very important strategic player, especially in the current security context from the area ". Also, Claude-France Arnould reminded the importance of the resolutions taken at the European Council’s reunion which took place last December, by stating the fact that the European states’ defence allocated budgets should increase.

In this respect, the Romanian defence minister mentioned that, in the second semester, the MoND will benefit from a positive budget rectification for its acquisition and modernization programs and that the Government gave priority to the allocation of 2% of the GDP until 2017.

Subjects related to the current geopolitical context and the defence industry were some of the topics of the official talks’ agenda, minister Mircea Dușa reiterating the fact that he wishes to include the national defence industry within the European programs run under EDA aegis.

The Chief Executive of EDA, who is in an official visit to Romania between 10 to 11 June following the invitation of the minister of national defence, also had several official talks with the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, the representatives of the Department for Defence Planning and Policy and those of the Department for Armaments.

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