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The conclusion drawn from the reunions of the defence ministers at the NATO Summit Wales

The North-Atlantic Alliance will continue to stand by Ukraine and support its integrity and sovereignty throughout its European integration process. This is the most important message sent by the NATO leaders, ahead with the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, during the event organized in The Wales.

The 4 September reunion, at the defence ministers level, in the 28+24 format, started with talks on the increasing the number of NATO-led military exercises and operations but also the Alliance’s commitment towards an intensified dialogue with its partners.

During its speech, the Romanian defence minister, Mircea Duºa, told the participants that, for the first time since its expansion towards East, NATO is going today through an essential transformation stage in order to meet the real security needs of the its new allies. Also, the defence minister stated that "Romania sends its appreciation once again to the allies for their contribution to the security measures taken on the Eastern flank". The Romanian defence minister saluted the participation of Georgia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Montenegro in the Summit, "this being an acknowledgement of the valuable contribution to the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic space ".

From Romania’s perspective, whose Embassy in Tbilisi is a NATO Point of Contact, Defence Minister Mircea Duºa appreciated Georgia’s high level of commitment to the Alliance but also its fundamental achievements in the security and defence fields.

With respect to the missile defence, minister Mircea Duºa firmly reiterated Romania’s commitment to the allied efforts in improving NATO capabilities. "We are monitoring the implementation of the initiative with great interest and remain committed to the final goal: development of a system able to provide for the protection of the entire territory, population and of the allied forces in Europe", minister Duºa added.

Today’s reunion from the Summit of the defence ministers in the 28+5 format was dedicated to the talks about the enhancement of the cooperation opportunities with the NATO partners.

First of all, defence minister Duºa reiterated his appreciation towards the allies’ contribution to the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic space, respectively to the allied operations and missions.

The defence minister ensured the participants of Romania’s support in the consolidation of Australia, Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden’s partnership with NATO by means of the support given in the defence and security reform fields, in the increase of interoperability and access to regular political and military consultations and operations’ planning.

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