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Joint Training with US Troops in the Black Sea

Romanian Navy troops will train together with the crews of US ships Mount Whitney and Cole, during exercise Black Sea Resolve that will take place in the territorial waters and adjacent areas on Thursday, 23 October.

Conducted under the aegis of the Romanian-American partnership, Black Sea Resolve represents a follow up of the actions aimed at increasing good cooperation and the level of trust and security in the Black Sea.

Romanian Navy participates in the exercise with frigate Regele Ferdinand, missile corvette Pescărușul, two IAR 330 Puma Naval helicopters and a team from the Navy Group of Special Operations Forces that will exercise maritime interdiction force procedures.

The Romanian Air Force will be involved in the exercise with three MiG-21 LanceRs.

The activities at sea aim at jointly training US and Romanian troops through exercises that involve maritime interdiction, submarine search and discovery as well as procedures for the identification and follow of air targets.

* * *

The two US ships will stop in Constanța port over 20-23 October. An official visit is scheduled at the Fleet Command as well as social, cultural and sports activities for the crew members at the Museum of the Romanian Navy and the sports base of "Mircea cel Bătrân" Navy Academy.

During their stay in port, the US troops` program includes workshops and concerts held by the bands of the US Romanian Navies.

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