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Ceremony dedicated to Veterans Day

Veterans Day will be celebrated for the first time in our country through a ceremony organized on 11 November, from 10.30 in Tineretului Park, at the Monument of heroes who died in theaters of operations or on Romanian territory, in the presence of the defence minister Mircea Duša.
The participants, who will be wearing rosettes consisting of a Romanian peony, will hold a moment of recollection and will lay several wreaths in memory of the heroes who died on duty whereas several veterans will be promoted in rank or will be awarded distinctions.

At 11.00, church bells will ring in churches or chapels built in military units.

* * *
Veterans Day was established by Law 150 of 22.10.2014, which alters and completes OUG 82/2006 stipulating the recognition of merits of military personnel participating in military missions and providing rights for them and the families of the deceased ones.
Romania is thus joining Australia, Canada, the USA and other European countries in the gesture of gratitude for the soldiers who returned from missions and commemorate their heroes.

11 November was chosen for its significance, as on November 11, 1918, at 11.00, the armistice was signed between the Entente Powers and Germany, which put an end to WW1 and created the conditions of the Great Union of December 1, 1918 in Romania.

For the Romanian Armed Forces the day signifies that on November 11, 2003, 1st Lieutenant (post mortem) Iosif Silviu Fogoraši, died in the theater of operations in Afghanistan.

Our country celebrates Veterans Day on April 29, in honor of all Romanian soldiers who fought sacrificing their lives during the two world wars, while defending the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Romania.

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