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SNMG-2 Naval Group Stops in the Black Sea Port of Constanța

The Standing NATO Maritime Group-2 (SNMG-2), that is in the Black Sea in March, will make a stop in Constanța Port, from 13 to 15.

On Friday 13, at 14.00 hrs., the SNMG-2 Commander, the Rear Admiral Brad Williamson, will hold a press conference, while at the end of the conference the journalists will be offered the opportunity to visit the American ship.

During its stop in Romania, the foreign military officials will visit the Fleet Command, and sports contests will be organized between the Romanian and foreign military seamen at "Mircea cel Bătrân" Navy Academy and visits of the crew members at the Museum of the Romanian Navy.

On Saturday, March 14, the US, Canadian, German, Italian, Turkish and Romanian soldiers together with volunteers of the National Environment Guard will plant 1.000 trees in the area of Saint Elena from the Seaside Monastery (in Costinești).

SNMG-2 will resume its activities at sea on Monday, March 16, when other exercises are planned with the participation of other Romanian aircraft and ships (Mărășești frigate, two corvettes, two missile carrier ships).

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Standing NATO Maritime Group-2 (SNMG-2) is one of the four multinational naval groups of the Alliance, consisting of four frigates (HMCS Fredericton, Canada, TCG Turgutreis, Turkey, ITS Aliseo, Italy and Regina Maria, Romania, that will have an helicopter on board) with cruiser USS Vicksburg as flagship and German tanker FGS Spessart.

Mission SNMG-2 in the Black Sea was planned in 2014 as part of the Plan with the main activities of the Romanian Navy, aiming at increasing interoperability of Romanian military seamen with troops of the alliance. The missions carried out by the Romanian Navy contribute actively to implementing Romania’s security policy.

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