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The Romanian Navy conducts the multinational exercise SEA SHIELD 15, at the Black Sea, over July 20 to 24. The training activities will involve NATO, SNMG-1 (Standing NATO Maritime Group 1), that conducts a mission at the Black Sea.

SEA SHIELD 15 will involve also 8 Romanian military ships and 3 aircraft, a submarine, 5 foreign aircraft and 6 ships, operated by some 2,000 troops from eight countries (Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugala, Romania, the USA, Turkey and Ukraine).

Through July 17 and 19, five foreign military ships participating in the exercise will stop in Constanța Port, where they can be visited on Sunday, July 19, from 14.00 to 17.00.

The commander of SNMG-1 will hold a press conference on board of Portuguese frigate, Dom Francisco de Almeida (F-334), on Friday, July 17.

SEA SHIELD 15 is a multinational anti-submarine combat exercise, hosted by the Romanian Navy, that aims at developing international defence cooperation with similar structures in NATO memeber and partner states, with a view to consolidating and developing common combat procedures.

The exercise was planned as part of the Plan of Activities of the Romanian Navy in 2015.

POC, LTC Cornel Pavel, GSM: 0744.359.518.

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SNMG-1 is made up of Portuguese frigate, Dom Francisco de Almeida (F-334), Dutch frigate Tromp (F-803) and frigate Regele Ferdinand (F-221), carrying a IAR 330 Puma Naval helicopter on board.
Other ships participating in SEA SHIELD 15 exercise are: Turkish frigate Yavuz (F-240), Bulgarian frigate Smeli (11), Ukrainian frigate Sagadaichny, Hellenic missile carrier Daniolos, Turkish submarine Atilay (209), corvettes Cam. Horia Macellariu (265) andi Cam. Eustațiu Sebastian (264), frigate Regina Maria (F-222), missile carrier ships Lăstunul and Zborul, maritime mine sweeper Sublocotenent Alexandru Axente (DM-30) and tow-boat Grozavul.

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