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Exercise HISTRIA 15

About 7,000 personnel from the institutions in the Defence, Public Order and National Security System and 800 vehicles will participate in the inter-institutional, strategic level exercise, HISTRIA 15, conducted on the national territory, over September 7 to 18.

The goal of the exercise, conducted by the Ministry of National Defence through the General Staff, is to train national command and execution structures to plan and carry out a wide range of missions. HISTRIA 15 is based on a fictious and complex scenario, inspired by today’s security environment, in agreement with the Charter of the United Nations and Art. 3 and 4 of the NATO Treaty.

According to this scenario, Romania will respond gradually to the risks and threats to its territorial security and integrity.

Prior to the beginning of the exercise, personnel and vehicles will travel to the nine firing ranges and districts where specific practical activities will take place.

Journalists wishing to visit the locations will be notified in due time about the organization of the Distinguished Visitors’ Day.

* * *

Beside personnel and structures from the Ministry of National Defence, the exercise will involve personnel and structures from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Finances, the Ministry of the Economy, Commerce and Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry for Information Society, the Romanian Service of Intelligence, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Special Communications Service and the Guard and Protection Service.

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