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A 42 Romanian military detachment will participate between July 17 and 30, 04 to RESCUER/ MEDCEUR 2004 exercise organized in Lithuania in the spirit of the Partnership for Peace program.

The Romanians will contribute to the real compound of the exercise with a medical team strengthened at level Rol 1, a medical unit for strengthening the formation Rol 3, two ambulances and a IAR 330 helicopter equipped for air medical evacuation.

The 21 officer doctors and the six NCOs members of the medical team will form together with the teams from Croatia and Republic of Moldova a group implied in coordination, connection and medical assistance. Also, 12 students from the Romanian Military Medical Institute will participate to this exercise.

RESCUER/MEDCEUR 2004 ( developed in Lithuania, Letonia and Latvia is led by USAREUR. The main aim of this multinational exercise is to evaluate the medical units of the NATO members and partners focused on the capacity of response in case of disaster with numberless casualties and the interoperability of the participating forces.

The activity consists in a theoretical compound between July 20 and 24, 04 when a Romanian military doctor will be trained in the techniques of casting and a practical one focused on a situation of crisis with reduced casualties, July 26; with medium casualties, July 27 and heavy casualties planned for July 28.

According to the scenario the medical forces will respond to a disaster created by a terrorist attack on a train transporting dangerous chemical substances and a fire on a large areas of forests.

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