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Minister Dușa Will Assess the Logistic Support Offered during Military Actions

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dușa, will be at the experimental firing rangeof Jegălia, Călărași County, on Wednesday, September 16, at 17.30, in order to make anassessment of the logistic support given to our own troops.

The Joint Logistic Command generates a Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) for thefirst time, that was formed and deployed in the field in order to train in a complexoperational environment, as the one posed by exercise HISTRIA 15.

JLSG Command is set and works in the command train, from where it commands aforce package consisting of logistic support structures that involve about 250 troops andover 100 military vehicles.

During the exercise, participants will have the opportunity to visit the command trainand to watch live a row of logistic transport crossing the Danube river, an experimentalfire and an exercise of intervention in a chemically contaminated area, to visit a displayof military equipment and some of the self-sustaining utilities in the field (mobile fieldkitchen, field shower, etc.).

Media representatives are expected between 16.30 and 17.00 at the entrance in theexperimental firing range of the Armed Forces in Jegălia.Person of contact: Col. Lucian Vieru, GSM: 0722 914 701.

* * *

About 7,000 personnel from the institutions in the Defence, Public Order and NationalSecurity System and 800 vehicles will participate in the inter-institutional, strategiclevel exercise, HISTRIA 15, conducted on the national territory, over September 7 to18.

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