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Meeting of Minister Mircea Duša with US Ambassador to Bucharest, H.E. Hans Klemm

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, received the US Ambassador to Bucharest, H.E. Hans Klemm, at the defence ministry, today, October 13.

The two officials discussed the current security situation in the region, defence-related relations between Romania and the U.S. within the Strategic Partnership, the assurance measures in a bilateral and allied context, the strategic adaptation of the Alliance in view of the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw, as well as extending the Romanian-American contacts at political and military level.

As to the operationalization of the anti-missile facility in Deveselu, the defence minister pointed out that it is part of a complex project, whereas its operationalization by the end of the year, within the agreed parameters, is essential in the new strategic context and in view of the integration within NATO's anti-missile defense.

"The bilateral Strategic Partnership represents one of the main directions of Romania's defence policy, but also a proof of Romania's firm commitment as a trustworthy ally of the U.S.," the minister of national defence stated.

Related to the implementation of assurance measures aimed at strengthening the security of the allied states in the Eastern flank of the Alliance, the defence minister praised the United States' decision to become actively involved through a substantial presence of American forces in the region.

"I want to use this opportunity to express gratitude for the constant support of the United States and their important contribution to the manning of the multinational positions in NATO's command and control structures in Bucharest. This contribution has a great impact strategy-wise," minister Duša added.

The upcoming Warsaw Summit was another topic of discussion as, according to the defence minister, it should focus on tackling NATO's long term strategy of adaptation.

"In order to obtain the desired effect, an efficient defence and deterrence posture should ensure a visible and persistent allied military long term presence on the Eastern flank. We endorse, totally, the development of the infrastructure needed for the rapid deployment of allied forces, including by implementing projects funded by NATO’s pool of funds" minister Duša added.

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