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The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces

The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces will be celebrated this year through events organized across the country I all localities that host military units, in the countries where Romania has defence attachees and in theaters of operations where Romanian troops are deployed.

A ceremony will be organized in Rossoșka, Volgograd region, the Russian Federation, at 10.00 hrs., on October 25, for the inauguration of a Romanian Cemetery, as a first warnecropolis built in honor of the Romanian soldiers who died in the battle of Stalingrad.

Another wreath-laying ceremony will take place at the Cemetery of the Romanian Heroesin Rakoskersztur, Budapesta, on October 27.On The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces, the military services staffs, the commands,large units and units across the country organize the Day of the Open Gates, cultural,artistic, sports activities, symposiums, meetings with war veterans, exhibitions, film galasand mantainance works at the heroes’ cemeteries and monuments.Project “Ziua Armatei României în școli” [The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces celebrated in schools] will be conducted in schools and high schools, while the voluntary members of INVICTUS România group will continue “Ștafeta Veteranilor” [Veterans’Relay].


Freeing the national territory in the fall of 1944, was the result of the sacrifice of over 520,000 Romanian troops, of which 58,330 were killed, wounded or missing. The Romanian military continued the battle in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria along the allies and had more losses and sacrifices until the great victory of May 9, 1945, that marked the end of WW 2 in Europe.

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