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International Military Behavioral Sciences Conference in Bucharest

The 1st International Military Behavioral Sciences Conference, organized by the Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center/ Human Resources Management Directorate in the Ministry of National Defence, is held at the Palace of the National Military Club, in Bucharest, from 09.00 hrs. on 28 October to 17.30 hrs. on 29 October 2015.

The Conference on “Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Approaches of Human Behavior in the Military Organization” brings together papers on clinical psychology and psychotherapy, industrial and organizational psychology, traffic psychology and sociology.

About 200 Romanian and foreign participants will be present at the conference, as experts in behavioral science from institutions of the national defence, public order security system, the Romanian academia and the US Army.

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The Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center of the Ministry of National Defence was established by order of the minister of national defence in May 2014, with the purpose of ensuring psychological assistance to military personnel that comes back from theaters of operations.

The center plays an important role in the process of modernizing the military human resources management. The psychologists of the center conduct counselling and psychoterapy sessions with personnel that manifests the specific symptomatology of behavioral disorders.

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