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Anniversary of the 495th “Căpitan Ștefan Soverth” Infantry Battalion

The ceremony dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the 495th “Căpitan Ștefan Soverth” Infantry Battalion of Clinceni took place Friday, December 4 and was attended by the Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc.

The defence minister thanked the soldiers of the battalion for their abnegation, for the long periods of time spent in missions, away from the loved ones and for the security they offer the Romanian people, along with the other military forces. “Today, the voice of Romania can be heard louder in the international organizations we are part of, also due to you, the ones present here now, as well as due to the over 40,000 troops who were involved in missions in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Western Balkans or other theaters of operations, over the last 20 years”, Mihnea Motoc stated.

At the end of the ceremony, the defence minister wished success to the troops who man the company to be deployed to Afghansitan, as part of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, within Resolute Support Operation.

* * *

The 495th “Căpitan Ștefan Soverth” Infantry Battalion was established on November 30, 1990; by presidential decree,  it was awarded, in 1996, the Combat Colors and the name „Căpitan Ștefan Soverth”, after the man who established the first school of military paratroopers. 

The Combat Colors of the unit was decorated with Order „Miltary Virtue”, rank of officer, with war insignia for military men. 

The battalion has succefully caried out combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and participated in many national and international military exercises. Most of its personnel are military men accredited as paratroopers and divers, specializing in alpine training, survival, sanitary training, recce and engineer missions. 

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