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Discussions on the Strategic Priorities of the Ministry of National Defence in 2016

In agreement with the openness and transparency pledge made by the Government of Romania by establishing new ways of analyzing and exchanging ideas, the defence minister initiated consultations with: representatives of the Defence, Public Order and National Security System, defence and security experts and representatives of the reserve troops, on the stage and perspectives in implementing the strategic priorities of the  Ministry of National Defence in 2016.

The first round table in this format was organized at the defence ministry, on Monday, February 1. The topic was Aligning military structure and human resources management to best NATO practices and to the new security environment, a topic of the Defence Ministry Activity Plan for 2016.

The talks foucused on the options presented for aligning the defence ministry structure to the strategic adaptation processes adopted by NATO and EU and translating them into legislative projects, adapted to the development trends of the Romanian military body.

Taken into discussion were mainly the gradual passage from the concept of General Staff to that of Defence Staff, as used in the Euro-Atlantic space. They also discussed developing a unitary statute for the military personnel and balancing the ranks – military body, soldiers and enlisted service personnel, ensuring the mobility of military staff on different positions, in agreement with the requirements and demands of the institution. 

Follow up meetings are taken into account to discuss topics of interest to the Romanian military, that fall under the assumed strategic priorities.

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