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Consultations on Improving the Welfare of Military Personnel

A debate was organized at the defence ministry on Monday, February 15, for the identification and implementation of efficient mechanisms meant to improve the welfare of military personnel.

The activity was attended by experts from the defence, public order and national security system, representatives of the associations of reserve troops.

The Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, presented the plan to implement the strategic priorities of the defence ministry in 2016, focusing on the improvement of the military personnel welfare.

In this respect, Mihnea Motoc presented the details of the four projects taken into account, namely building and acquiring housing facilities for military personnel for the duration of their service, while diminishing the rent compensations, building military bases that include housing facilities and services, access to some of the buildings managed by the defence ministry for the military personnel that were injured in missions or became invalids during or as a consequence of participating in military actions, offering medical and social support to war veterans and reserve of retired military personnel. 

As to the third project, minister Motoc declared that for the moment, the facilities they had in mind would be created at the Military Hospital and the Spa and Recuperating Facility in Bălțătești, Neamț County.

The meeting also included talks on setting realistic criteria of rent compensation to better correlate specific circumstances, beneficiaries and the locations for which the compensation is granted.

During the debates possible solutions were analiyzed for the building and acquisition of housing facilities for military personnel for the duration of their service, taking into account that there is a demand of 15,000 such housing facilities at the level of the defence ministry. 

The consultation process was conducted in agreement with the openness and transparency pledge made by the Government of Romania, as part of the plan for the implementation of the strategic priorities of the Ministry of National Defence in 2016. The first round table in this format took place on February 1, on the topic of aligning the structure of the military and the management of human resources to the best NATO practices.

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