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Annual Reports on the Activity of the Romanian Naval and Air Forces in 2015

The Annual Reports on the Activity of the Romanian Naval and Air Forces in 2015 were presented Wednesday, February 17. The meetings, that took place at the headquarters of the two services, were attended by  defence minister Mihnea Motoc, Councillor of State  Constantin Dudu Ionescu and the chief of General Staff, General Nicolae Ciucă.

The chiefs of the two services presented how their forces met their goals in 2015 and the priorities for year 2016.

The chief of the Naval Forces Staff, Rear Admiral Alexandru Mîrșu, pointed out that the Naval Forces have the necessary personnel and capabilities to accomplish the planned missions and the commitments assumed by our country in the framework of the national and international security system. He also mentioned that the Naval Forces will continue to participate in NATO permanent Naval groups  and in exercises in the Black Sea.

In turn, the chief of the Air Forces Staff, major General Laurian Anastasof, pointed out that the goals of 2015 were reached and that the service has the capacity to defend the integrity of the national air space, but also to develop and strengthen the operational capacity of the units in its responsibility.

Minister Mihnea Motoc appreciated the activity of the two services, emphasizing that the exercises conducted with troops from allied and partner countries will continue in 2016 as well. 

The defence minister also pointed out that it is necessary to continue modernizing the equipment of the Naval Forces, to initiate new procurement programs, which can be done with the present and the future budget.

As to the Air Force, Mihnea Motoc spoke of observing the deadlines for the integration and asimilation of the multirole F-16 Fighting Falcon capability and the infrastructure under construction at the 86th Ait Base at Fetești.

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