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Annual Report of the Department for Armaments

The Annual Report of the Department for Armaments for 2015 took place at the its headquarters on February 25, in the presence of the defence minister Mihnea Motoc and Councillor of State  Constantin Dudu Ionescu.

State Secretary for Armaments, Gabriel Beniamin Leº, held a presentation of the main procurement programs and contracts of weapon systems and major equipment, the main R&D, testing and assessing activities of the defence ministry during 2015.

Minister Mihnea Motoc praized the activity of the department, pointing out that there has to be a balance in the level of equipping the services.

As to the major procurement programs, Mihnea Motoc said he watches closely their progress, that there are funds to complete them and even start some new ones.

The Minister of National Defence stated that the programs unfolded in 2015, such as the acquisition of F-16 Fighting Falcon multi-role airaft, of the C-27 J Spartan aircraft, the modernization of IAR-330 Puma Naval helicopters, the reception of four armoured carrieres Piranha IIIC will all contribute to enhance our military capabilities.

Minister Motoc said 2016 will be an important year for defence procurement, when the Department for Armaments will play an important role in ensuring the legality and the balance between the allotted budget and the acquisition of the weapon systems and equipment needed by the Romanian Armed Forces. 

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