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The Day of the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information

The Day of the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information was celebrated at the Palace of the National Military Club, on Monday,  February 29.

State Secretary and chief of the department, Otilia Sava, said that over the 15 years of activity, it contributed significantly to the establishment of the relation with the Parliament, the Government and other authorities. It also contributed to the harmonization of the national legislation with that of NATO and EU, as well as to keeping the public in touch with the achievements of the military through its information and public relations activity.
„I want to thank today’s and yesterday’s personnel of the department, an outstanding human reosurce, well trained, exact while creative and implicated. It is very important that this military and civilian team is dedicated to the institution”, Otilia Sava said.

„I have to mention the important role you play in improving military personnel welfare, by developing and implementing specific policies and programs. I also wish to highlight the importance of these steps that have a major impact on the military and, at the same time, I want to assure you of my entire support”, Otilia Sava said in her message.

The state secretary also spoke of the importance of the legislative priorities of 2016, consisting of five projects that aim at alligning military structure and human resources management to the best NATO practices and the consequences generated by the new security environment.
During the ceremony members of the department were promoted in rank or awarded distinctions. At the end, the cello group  „Violoncellissimo” offered a short recital.
Today’s activity was attended by military and civilian personnel that were or still are working here, by war veterans and the Minister Delegate for Parliament Liaison, Ciprian Bucur.

The Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information was established in March 2001 having as main responsibility the coordination of the relation with the Parliament and the legislative activity. It also ensures the juridical assistance and represents the defence ministry in court, ensures the relations with public authorities and NGOs. The department manages the legal harmonization, ensuring the juridical representation in closing technical agreements with foreign armed forces, conducts information and media activities, manages the real aspects of interest to the defence ministry, manages and solves social aspects in the lives of the military personnel.

At present, the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information encompasses the Directorate for Parliament Liaison and Legal Assistance, the Information and Public Relations Directorate and the Directorate for Personnel Welfare. The state secretary coordinates the activity of the Directorate of Real Estate and Infrasture, the Sectorial Pension Office of the Ministry of National Defence, the National Office for Heroes’ Memory.

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