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NATO Crisis Management Exercise – CMX 16

Over 9 to 16 March, about 100 experts from the Presidential Administration, the Romanian Government, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Special Telecommunication Service, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy will participate in NATO Crisis Management Exercise – CMX 16.

CMX 16 is an annual exercise in which the Alliance tests and rehearses its consultation and decision-making procedures, at the strategic political and military level. The exercise involves civilian and military staffs in allied capitals, NATO Headquarters and the two Strategic Commands. 

As with the previous editions of the exercise, CMX 16 does not involve deployment of troops. The scenario will allow exercising decision-making procedures, that were significantly enhanced following the implementation of the Readiness Action Plan, as agreed at the Wales Summit.
The exercise uses a fictitious but realistic Art. 4 and Art. 5 crisis scenario, focused on collective defence. CMX 16 scenario also aims at preparing the Alliance to efficiently counter the challenges posed by hybrid warefare threats.


At national level, the activities and participation in Exercise CMX 16 are coordinated by the Ministry of National Defence. Romania participated in an exercise of CMX type for the first time in 1999 as a PfP country and continued as such until 2003. As of 2004, Romania participates in the exercise in its capacity as a NATO member country and acts as a permanent contributor to the planning processes and conducting the exercise.

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