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Solemn gathering dedicated to war veterans

The Day of the War Veterans was marked by a solemn gathering held in the Palace of the National Military Club, in the presence of Defence Minister, Mihnea Motoc. 

”It is hard to see such authentic patriotism and strong belief in the fundamental values that kept us together throughout the time, as you proved. Those who have such veterans, have memory; those who have such veterans, have a history; those who have such veterans, have a future”, the defence minister said in his speech. 

Mihnea Motoc mentioned that, in the context of the celebration of 100 Years since Romania entered World War I, we have to pay homage to those glorious past deeds such as the greatest European nations did. Thus, in his opinion, we must continue make up-keeping and arrangement works at the monuments which commemorate our soldiers’ deeds, make people cherish these values and raise our children with respect and love for the history and our national heroes. 

In his speech, the minister of national defence also referred to the veterans from the theatres of operations but also to the need to enhance our country’s defence capability and consolidate the security guaranties given the new international environment:  “We owe these to those who gave their lives for the Country, but also to those who lost the life they could have lived. And, in order to prevent any sacrifices, injuries and huge sufferings and to preserve peace, we must never forget that we must be strong” defence minister Mihnea Motoc concluded.

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