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International Conferences Organized by the Military Technical Academy

This week, the Military Technical Academy organizes two international conferences at the Palace of the National Military Club. 

The 11th conference on communications,  „COMM 2016”, that takes place over June 9 to 11, brings together experts from 14 countries, who will present their scientific research results obtained in radio communications, signal processing, antennas and paropagation of radio waves, communications security, communications systems and networks, internet technologies, multimedia communications, etc. 

The opening of the activity organized in cooperation by the Polytechnical University of Bucharest under the aegis of the „Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering”, and the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences will take place at Sala de Marmură [Marble Hall] at 09.00 hrs., on Thursday, June 9, in the presence of the State Secretary for Armament, Gabriel Beniamin Leș. Additional information on the activity can be found on the website of the activity :

The conference on cryptography and cyber security, „SECITC 2016”, organized in cooperation with the Academy of Economy Studies of Bucharest over June 9 to 10, is an opportunity for academics and industry professionals from universities, government agencies and companies to discuss the latest developments and the scientific research in the field. The opening ceremony will take place in Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Hall, at 09.00 hrs. present their achievements in communication technology and related fields. Additional information on the activity can be found at

Journalistat interested in participating in the conferences are expected at the Palace of the National Military Club at 08.40 hrs., on Thursday, June 9. Persons of contact: Capt. Raluca Dima, GSM : 0723.162.897 and Lt.Col. Cezar Stroe, GSM : 0720.448.105.

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