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Annual Convening of Military Attachees

The Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, participated in the Annual Convening of Military Attachees „The Defence Attachee System – Adaptability and Expertise” at the defence ministry, on Thursday, July 7.

Mihnea Motoc emphasized the importance of the defence attachees’ activity for the ongoing and timely military dialogue with the allies and partners of Romania, in the present security context, that challenges the regional security on the eastern and southern flanks of the Alliance, generated by the crisis in Ukraine and the instability of the Middle East and North Africa regions.

„The present dynamics of the international relations is complex and allotts an increasing role to maintaining and developing some action lines for Romania. We face challenges that need to be solved with professionalism, calm and a creative mind”, Minister Motoc told to the Romanian military attachees.

Over July 4 to 8, the Military Intelligence Directorate organizes the Annual Convening of Military Attachees. Beside participating with troops in international military missions, the Ministry of National Defence contributes to promoting Romania’s foreign affairs and security goals through its defence attachee system, that ensures the military dimension of the diplomatic mission, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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