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Distinguished Visitors’ Day of Multinational Exercise SABER GUARDIAN-16

The Distinguished Visitors’ Day of Multinational Exercise SABER GUARDIAN-16, conducted at „Getica” Land Forces Combat Training Center in Cincu, Brașov County, will begin at 09.30 hrs., on Thursday, August 4.

The program will start with an exercise consisting of crossing Olt river, at Voila, Brașov County.

Journalists who wish to watch the activity are expected to arrive at Voila, Brașov County between 8.30-9.00.

In order to get accreditation, media representatives are requested to send all relevant information by Wednesday, August 3, at 14.00 hrs., at email

Person of contact: CAPT Ana-Maria Tamaș, GSM : 0721375194.

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SABER GUARDIAN-16, planned by the Land Forces Staff and led by a command consisting of troops from the Multinational Division South-East, 4th „Gemina” Infantry Division and NATO Integration Units, will unfold in 4 stages – command, computer assisted training by simulation, field training and shooting with all types of armament.

Over 900 Land Forces soldiers of the 18th „Banat” Infantry Brigade, the 69th „Silvania” Mixed Artillery Regiment, the 317th „Vlădeasa” Research Battalion along 1,700 American troops with M1A2 Abrams tanks and Bradley armoured vehicles as well as 47 Canadian troops with Infantry Armoured Vehicles will carry out tactical firing while the troops from the other countries will participate in computer-assisted command and training exercises connected with the Training Centre in Novo Selo, Bulgaria and the Training and Peacekeeping Centre in Yavoriv, Ukraine.

SABER GUARDIAN-16 is a multinational exercise, based on a fictitious scenario, aimed at training troops to plan, carry out and evaluate military actions at multinational level, developing the interoperability level with NATO forces as well as promoting regional cooperation with countries in the Black Sea region, while meeting the standardization requirements of the Alliance.

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