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Military Ceremonies at Lerești and Mateiaș Marking World War 1 Centenary

Friday, September 23 - at 9.45 hrs., a military and wreath-laying ceremonies will take place at the International Honorary Heroes’ Cemetery of Lerești, Argeș County, when a moment of silence will be kept in memory of the heroes who fell during World War.

Pupils from the National Military College ”Dimitrie Cantemir” will recite poems and then, at the end of the activity, they will light candles, together with pupils from the Military School for Warrant Officers and NCOs, at the graves of the heroes who fell for the unification of the Romanian people.

From 13.00 hrs., at the Romanian Heroes’ Mausoleum in Mateiaș, Argeș County, a commemoration will be organized that will include, among others, a wreath-laying ceremony, a moment of silence and lighting candles in memory of the soldiers who fell during WW1.

A historical association will perform a historical and military restoration.

The Ministry of National Defence invites the citizens to participate in all these activities meant to commemorate WW 1 heroes, organized by the mayor’s offices of Câmpulung and Lerești.
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Unified Romania was mainly built with the sacrifice of the soldiers who fell on the battlefields at home or as prisoners, heroes who put the wellbeing of the nation above their own lives.

Over 330,000 Romanian soldiers lost their lives during the worldwide conflagration, while 76,000 others became invalid. On top of them, there were civil casualties, people killed by deseases, famine or the occupation troops.

316 Romanian soldiers, 94 Germans and 73 Austrian troops are buried at the International Honorary Heroes’ Cemetery of Lerești. There are other 246 graves of unknown soldiers.

The remains of over 2,300 Romanian soldiers are buried atthe Romanian Heroes’ Mausoleum in Mateiaș. The edifice was built between 1928 and 1940, under the care of Society „Cultul Eroilor“.

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