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Festivities Dedicated to the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces

The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces will be celebrated this year through several festivities organized in localities that host military units, in the countries where Romanian defence attachees are accredited and in all theaters of operations where Romanian troops are deployed.

Also, wreath-laying ceremonies will be organized in the cemeteries and at the monuments dedicated to the Romanian heroes in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. At Rossoşka, Volgograd region, in the Russian Federation, a ceremony will be organized for the re-burial of the Romanian soldiers who fel during the battles of Stalingrad.

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On October 25, 1944, the Romanian military successfully finished the campaign to free the national territory, that involved over 520,000 Romanian troops, of which 58,330 were killed, wounded or missing. The Romanian military units continued the battle in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria along the allies and had more losses and sacrifices until the great victory of May 9, 1945, that marked the end of WW 2 in Europe.

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