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Patriot Shock V Exercise

Soldiers of 1 Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Brigade “General Nicolae Dăscălescu” will participate, together with US soldiers of 5-7 Air Defence Artillery Battalion, USAREUR, over 1 - 12 November, in PATRIOT SHOCK V Exercise, which will take place in Capu Midia Training Camp and Surface-to-Air Firing Range, Constanța County.

PATRIOT SHOCK V is a bilateral Romanian-American field training exercise of the Romanian Air Force’s surface-to-air missile structures, with the participation of a HAWK PIP III R battery and PATRIOT one.

The goal of the exercise is to train the HAWK PIP III R battery crews in air target acquisition through integration with the PATRIOT battery, based on an air defence fictitious scenario.

The main goals of the exercise are mastering the common planning and engaging of an air target and checking the interoperability of the command and control systems of the two surface-to-air missile structures.

The training activity was scheduled a year ago and is part of the Main Activities Plan of the Air Force Staff.

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