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Defence Minister’s Participation in the Meetings of the Foreign Affairs Council in Defence Ministers Format and the Steering Committee of the European Defence Agency

The meeting of Foreign Affairs Council that took place in Brussels over November 14 and 15, gave the green light to implementing the EU Global Strategy and set the general lines of action for the development of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). Part of the decisions taken will be extended till 2019, when Romania will take over the Presidency of the EU Council.

The results of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting are important and focused mainly on defining the EU level of ambition on the global security stage and promoting a close and synergic partnership with NATO. The level of ambition revolves around three main priorities - responding to external conflicts and crises, building capacities of partners and, as an element of novelty, protecting the EU and its citizens. From the level of ambition in these three areas, the implementation plan defines principles and requirements, including types of possible CSDP civilian and military operations. Note should be made that all these deveoplments will emerge from a close cooperation with NATO and that there is a will to avoid the past political discrepancies.

It is very important for Romania how CSDP will reflect the future action of EDA. During the meeting, the defence minister vouched for the chance of Romanian defence industry and technological research to develop in a European context. „Together with representatives of the Ministry of Economy, we will make sure that Romanian companies, especially small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, capitalize on this chance”, minister Motoc said.

A decision was made to explore the potential of a modular approach, concrete projects and initiatives of advanced cooperation within the Permanent Structured Cooperation. Also, a set of measures was adopted to develop military capabilities, including the use of the EU battle groups (the EU rapid reaction force). A decision was taken on adapting the existing crisis management structures at the level of the European Union External Action, with a view to improve the civil-military planning process.

All this requires a thorough analysis in the light of long-term implications. Therefore, the Defence Ministry together with the Foreign Affairs Ministry intend to launch and develop these themes in Romania. After the EU Summit in December this year, a series of round table meetings and public debates will be organized to explain in detail all these decisions.

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