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The First Day of NATO Defence Ministerial

The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Leș, participated in NATO Defence Ministerial whose first day, Wednesday, February 15, had an agenda focused on the priorities of the Alliance, consolidating the allied deterrence and defence posture.

The allies stressed the importance of the transatlantic relation and the need to continue adapting NATO to the new security environment. Consolidating the allied deterrence and defence posture was highlighted along with the need to enhance the Alliance’s contribution to the international efforts to project stability. The talks also addressed the balanced commitment and the concrete contributions of the allies to the common security and defence. The ministers reiterated the commitment to increase defence budgets as pledged by member states at NATO Summit in Wales.

Ministers discussed the efforts to fight against terrorism and complex threats from the South and agreed that NATO should enhance its role in countering terrorism.

The Romanian defence minister spoke of the need to continue the efforts to consolidate the allied deterrence and defence posture and reiterated the importance of implementing all the decisions made at NATO Summit in Warsaw with a view to approaching threats in an integrated manner in order to ensure the unity and credibility of the Alliance. It was stressed that coherent measures are needed to enhance the deterrence and defence posture on NATO Eastern flank.

The Romanian official stressed that the 2017 defence budget that provides 2 percent of the GDP which is a strong starting point for a significant modernization of the defence capabilities and shows that our country observes the commitments it made within NATO. He also said that Romania endorses the endeavours to enhance the contribution of the Alliance to the efforts of the international community to project stability.

While in Brussels, the Romanian defence minister Gabriel Leș and his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen signed a Letter of Intention that makes official Romania’s contribution with military units to the Army Corps of the framework nations coordinated by Germany.

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