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The Chief of General Staff Participates in the Symposium of the Special Operations Forces

During his visit in the USA over February 22 and 23, the Romanian chief of General Staff, General Nicolae Ciucă, participated in the symposium organized by the Global Special Operations Forces Foundation.

The talks focused on the adaptation of the Special Operations Forces to the new security challenges, mainly on enhancing interoperability and integrating conventional and special forces into the future missions, the development of Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance capabilities and harmonizing them with the use of the other defence capabilities, forces and resources. They also discussed ways of identifying how conventional forces could best support efficiently special forces.

The chief of General Staff also presented a paper on „The Transformation of the Special Operations – a strategic priority of the Romanian Military”, stressing the importance of the man-technology relation and the challenges that derive from the current security context.
„The symposium was the suitable framework for the interaction with personalities of the political and military area that have strategic partnerships with the USA and represented, at the same time, an opportunity to speak of the role of the Romanian Special Operations Forces, that could enhance their importance in the region. The Romanian Special Operations Forces undergo an ample transformation process, but I wish to emphasize their readiness and that they are able to carry out a wide range of national or multinational missions, whenever and whereever they are needed”, General Ciucă stated.

At the end of his presentation, the chief of the General Staff invited the attendants of the symposium to participate in the next conference „Global Special Operations Forces Symposium Europe”, that will be hosted by Romania at the end of September.

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