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Evaluation Team on the Implementation of the Vienna Document

An evaluation team from the Russian Federation will be in Romania over April 27 and 29 to make an evaluation visit at the 2nd Infantry Division, in agreement with the provisions of the Vienna Document of 2011 on measures to increase confidence and security building measures in the OSCE space.

The visit is part of the routine checks stipulated by the Vienna Document, according to which each OSCE state pledged to make at least four visits annually, one evaluation visit and three inspections in a specified zone.

According to the provisions of the mentioned document, during its visit, the Russian Federation team is accompanied by a specialized team representing the Romanian side, led by the Directorate for Armament Control and Verification within the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Problems (coordinated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs) manned also with personnel of the Ministry of National Defence, according to the inter-institutional cooperation framework.

The evaluation visits made by delegations from OSCE countries in other countries that are members of said organization contribute, in the framework of more measures assumed within OSCE, to promoting openness and transparency of military activities.

The Ministry of National Defence promotes constantly a policy of openness and predictibility of military activities, thus contributing to observing Romania’s commitments as an OSCE member as far as transparency is concerned. The last evaluation visit of this kind in our country took place in 2016, also upon the request of the Russian Federation.

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