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Opening Ceremony of “Justice Eagle 17” Exercise at Smârdan

The opening ceremony of “Justice Eagle 17” training Exercise took place on Monday, April 10, at the Secondary Combat Training Center from Smârdan, Galați County.

Over 350 Romanian and American soldiers of 284th "Cuza Vodă" Armor Battalion, 300th “Sfântul Andrei" Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 285th “Vlaicu Vodă” Artillery Battalion (from the 282nd “Unirea Principatelor” Mechanized Infantry Brigade) and of 1st “Fighting Eagles” Battalion, US Army, will train together during the exercise which will take place through April 10 – May 5.

‘It is an excellent opportunity to be here and to train together in order to prove and promote our solid partnership. Smârdan Training Area gives us the possibility to train together with a view of validating the Standard Operating Procedures so that we can achieve the desideratum: train as you fight”, stated Colonel Cornel-Traian Scurt, the Deputy Commander of 282nd “Unirea Principatelor” Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

“The Fighting Eagles arrived to Romania in February, as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, following the commitment of the US Army in Europe in support of our allies”, said Major Michael Harrison, the Chief of Operations, 1st Battalion.

The scenario of “Justice Eagle 17” Exercise is a fictitious one, based on conducting the defence fight by force structures consisting of Abrams and TR 85 M Bizon Tank Units and mechanized infantry units consisting of Bradley and MLI 84 M Jder infantry fighting vehicles, supported by Paladin 155 mm self-propelled howitzers.

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