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Conclusions of NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting

NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting that took place in Brussels on Thursday, June 29, included sessions dedicated to nuclear deterrence, fair share of responsibilities in the field of security, the defence and deterrence posture, contering terror, NATO-EU cooperation and a meeting dedicated to mission „Resolute Support” in Afghanistan.

Romania was represented by a delegation headed by Nicolae Nasta, state secretary in the Ministry of National Defence.

The event highlighted the general progress made in implementing former decisions on enhancing the allied deterrence and defence posture, countering terrorism and NATO-EU cooperation. The meeting reconfirmed the continuity, solidarity and unity of the Alliance in countering the existing security challenges, being a good opportunity to prepare the future allied Summit of 2018.

The Romanian official emphasized the positive developments in achieving NATO’s tailored forward presence – tFP in the Black Sea region and thanked the allied nations for the troops or personnel deployed to the Multinational brigade and Multinational Division South-East. A special appreciation was made of the efforts made by the USA, Germany and Italy that announced their decision to send troops to participate in exercises with the multinational brigade in Romania. These contributions add up to the previous deployment of Polish forces as well as to Portugal’s decision to contribute with troops to the brigade.

The Romanian official also stressed the consistent national efforts to implement NATO’s tailored forward presence, of which an exemple is reaching the initial capacity of the Multinational Brigade in Craiova in April this year and rendering operational the brigade command on June 28, as a NATO military entity having the statute of international military command. He also saluted the achievement of the forward position in Poland and the Blatic States, to which Romania contributes as well. He also stressed the importance of enhancing a coherent forward presence along the entire eastern flank as well as the measures to enhance the deterrence posture along the Southern flank.

While emphasizing the importance of intensifying NATO-EU cooperation, State Secretary Nasta appreciated the good results in implementing the decisions comprised in the Joint NATO-EU Declaration, especially in areas of special interest to our country, such as the hybrid field, the cybernetic and operational one, exercises and political consultations. He also highlighted the importance of synchronizing and harmonizing NATO and EU defence planning processes meant to generate capabilities in a coherent and efficient manner for both organizations.

The meeting was a good opportunity to discuss in depth and to highlight the progress in implementing the decisions made by the heads of state and government at the meeting of May 25, concerning the fair division of tasks within the Alliance and enhancing the role of NATO in countering terror. In this context, a high appreciation was given to the decision made by Romanian authorities to allott 2 percent of the GDP to defence for the next ten years, starting in 2017.

„Resolute Support” Mission is going to be supported by NATO in order to enhance the capacity of the Afghan security and defence forces to ensure the stability of their own country. The Romanian official pointed out the significant contribution of Romania to RSM and the importance of countinuing the efforts of the international comunity to identify a long standing solution for the stability of Afghanistan, through a reconciliation process included, that should be led by Afghanistan and supported by its neighbours.

Beside the meeting of the defence ministers, the Romanian official participated in the meeting of the states participating in the multinational group led by Germany, that is meant to develop forces and capabilities for NATO and EU activities. In this context the contribution of Romania to this group was highly appreciated. They also analyzed possible ways through which the group could contribute to enhancing the deterrence and defence posture of the Alliance.

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