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Defence Minister’s Meeting with the Ambassador of the United States

The Minister of National Defence, Adrian Şuşuianu, received the Ambassador of the United States, H.E. Hans Klemm, at the defence ministry, on Wednesday, July 12.

At the beginning of the official dialogue, the defence minister offered his condolences for the loss of the US Marines after a plane crash in Mississippi.

The talks agenda included continuing and talking further topics of mutual interest, such as the development of the bilateral relations between the two armed forces, the Romanian-U.S. Strategic Partnership and the need to consolidate cooperation in the region.

The Romanian minister reiterated the strong military partnership, pointing out the large number of exercises conducted by the two allies in the region and the stage of implementing the decisions made at NATO Summit in Warsaw. Adrian Şuşuianu saluted the firm pledge made by the USA to ensure stability and security in the Black Sea region, by enhancing deterrence and defence measures as agreed in Warsaw.

Ambassador Klemm used the opportunity to congratulate the Romanian authorities after the announcement made by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency related to the possible acquisition of seven PATRIOT missile defense systems (HSAM), Configuration 3+ units. Minister Adrian Şuşuianu said this program will enhance Romania’s defence capacity, will strengthen the eastern flank of the Alliance and will consolidate the Romanian-U.S. Strategic Partnership. The Ministry of National Defence announces it will inform the public on the unfolding of the acquisition program of HSAM systems on a regular basis.

Other topics on the meeting agenda included the stage of implementing the European Reassurance Initiative/ERI and the need to intensify the efforts of the international community to counter ISIL/DAESH, Romania staying strongly engaged in this direction.

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