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Defence Minister’s Visit to Buzău and Focșani Garissons

The Minister of National Defence, Adrian Țuțuianu, and General Nicolae Ciucă, the chief of General Staff, made a visit in Buzău and Focșani garissons on Tuesday, July 18.

In Buzău, they visited the training and working spaces of the 2nd „Getica” Infantry Division. Brig. Gen. Gheorghe Vișan, the divison commander briefed the delegation on the missions of the large unit and the conclusions of the soldiers’ participation in the lgreatest multinational exercise conducted in the region of the country, SABER GUARDIAN-17.

Also in Buzău, the officials from the defence ministry visited “Mareșal Alexandru Averescu” Intelligence Brigade, the 620th „Băneasa-Otopeni” Special Operations Battalion and the Special Operations Training center "General-maior Grigore Baștan", where they were briefed on the missions of the soldiers in these units.

In Focșani, the officials visited the headquarters of the 282nd “Unirea Principatelor” Mechanized Brigade and the 8th “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” LAROM Brigade. Minister Adrian Țuțuianu highlighted the importance of the activities carried out by the two brigades and praized their efforts during the exercises, emphasizing that the leadership of the defence ministry wishes to support them in carrying out their tasks.

The officials also visited the Military Hospital „Dr. Alexandru Popescu” in Focșani, and were briefed on the range of available medical care. Minister Țuțuianu reassured the personnel that the ministry will assist them in their efforts to offer medical care in the best of conditions and at high standards.

The defence minister and the chief of General Staff participated also on Tuesday, July 18, in the military ceremony organized at Mărăști Mausoleum, Vrancea County, in the context of the centenary of the battles conducted by the Romanian Armed Forces during WW1.

By Government Decision, 2017 was declared „The Year Mărăști, Mărășești, Oituz-100”, as commemoration of the sacrifice of the Romanian soldiers during the battles that took place 100 years ago in these localities, on which occasion the defence ministry organizes military ceremonies, symbolic cultural events and other activities with specific themes.

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