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During the training sequence of exercise “ARGEDAVA SABER 17”, conducted on the right bank of Borcea branch of the Danube River, in the area of Bordušani locality, on July 15, while performing the river crossing meneuvers, the crew of the TAB-77 (Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier) reported that water was infiltrating into the carrier.

The event is one of the tactical situations that the exercise planners took into account. The carrier crew and the special support forces carried out the rescue and evacuation procedures according to the established standards. There were no casualties during the operations.

It was not possible to evacuate the carrier on the spot with the existing equipment and the characteristics of the river flow in the area. The vehicle is going to be brought to surface later, using the equipment of a specialized civil operator that cooperates with the defence ministry.

In the meantime, navigation on Borcea branch of the river continued in safe conditions, whereas the sinking area was marked by beacons and the command of Fetești harbour was notified.

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