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Captain Eugen Ispas, PR officer of the Romanian “Bold Eagles” 281st Infantry Battalion in mission in Afghanistan transmitted:

Major General Raziq Sherzai visited the Romanian militaries acting within ENDURING FREEDOM operation in Afghanistan in the Kandahar International Airport area.

The Afghani official and his two staff officers were informed on the Romanian Battalion’s possibilities and missions performed in there area of responsibilities and the dislocation in the theater of operations. At their turn the guests spoke about the problems their subordinates forces had, their endowment, too, and thus they agreed on real cooperation issues.

In the Romanian camp the Afghani guests visited the accommodation area. At the end of the visit Lieutenant Colonel Constantin Caramidaru commander of the Romanian Battalion offered representative materials and a very nice Romania popular costume to General Sherzai.

Major General Raziq Sherzai wrote in the Battalion honor book that the Romanian militaries deserve to be thanked by the Afghani people for their help in establishing an environment of security.

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