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Visit of the Defence Minister and the US Ambassador to Tārgoviște

The Minister of National Defence, Adrian Țuțuianu, together with a delegation of the US Embassy in Romania, headed by Ambassador Hans Klemm made a visit to Tārgoviște, on August 30.

Minister Țuțuianu stated that our country is and will always be an important partner of the USA in the region, ”in the context of a complicated security situation, especially after 2014”. He also said that Romania is interested in consolidating the eastern flank of NATO, from a broader perspective, „in a unified way, from North to South”.

As to the defence acquisiton programs, the defence minister pointed out that there are ongoing discussions with US companies interested in getting involved in the field and in cooperating directly with Romanian companies in the industry and that significant agreements will be reached in the near future.

”As we speak, during our visit to Tārgoviște, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and State Sectretary Mircea Dușa of the defence ministry have important meetings and discussions with the US Company Lockheed Martin, that is involved in the major Romanian defence procurement programs with Patriot and HIMARS systems, as well as in the development and maintenance program concerning the multirole aviation component”, minister Țuțuianu declared.

During the discussions, the defence minister stressed the importance of the presence and the increasing role of US investments, the development of an administrative and territorial twinning program between Romanian and the USA and of the cooperation relations at touristic, cultural and scientific level, when he mentioned the high academic level of the Valahia University.

Minister Adrian Țuțuianu also noted the need to amend the Romanian legislation on conflicts of interest and incompatibilities, as well as the need to harmonize Penal and Civil Codes and the codes of penal and civilian procedures with the decisions of the Constitutional Court. He also spoke of the importance of creating the mechanisms needed to ensure human rights and liberties are observed.

Ambassador Hans Klemm said the visit was also an opportunity to know the economic potential of the area with a view to increasing direct investments between Romania and the USA and visiting local production facilities of the defence industry.

Hans Klemm saluted Romania’s decision to allot two percent of the GDP to defence, that would allow developing partnerships between Romanian and US companies. He also said that the visit minister Țuțuianu will make to the USA next month and the meeting with his US counterpart will bring new opportunities to enhance US-Romanian cooperation both at bilateral level, within the Strategic Partnership, and within NATO.

The day’s program includes visits at Mija and Dragomirești production facilities.
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