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Lieutenant Colonel Sorin Bacila PR officer of the Romanian contingent in Iraq transmitted:

Starting today, September 6, 04 the command of the military actions performed by “Hawks of Carpathians” the 812th Infantry Battalion and the Military Police Company participating in Nasiriyah region within the “Antica Babilonia” operation is taking over by “Friuli” Aeromobile Brigade from “Pozzuolo del Friuli” Brigade responsible with the operations in Dhi Qar region. The ceremony was organized in Mitica camp between Brigade General Corrado Dalzini commander of “Pozzuolo del Friuli” Brigade and Enzo Stefani commander of “Friuli” Aeromobile Brigade. Participants were command officers from the Italian, Romanian and Portuguese units subordinated to this big unit. Two Generals expressed their appreciation for the responsibility and the abnegation of the subordinated militaries in mission in the Iraqi operations and their hope that the future actions developed in common will be characterized by a greater humanitarian dimension.

Brigade General Corrado Dalzini ending his mission in Iraq as regarding the activity of the Romanian militaries stated the followings: ”Bringing the Romanian Battalion in the theater of operations was highly appreciated. The Romanian force’s integration was especially productive because we had the possibility to relate progressively and from the operative point of view in terrain we did not notice differences between the areas were Italians acted and those the Romanians acted. In this respect the Romanian Battalion has as a competence area a stressing sector where the engagement of forces in missions is sometime dangerous. My intention and desire was to set in value the forces of the 812th Infantry Battalion ever since its arrive in the theater. Thus, immediately after the start of their missions in the area of operations they became the target of the local militia aggressions and their firm, decisive and professionalized action strengthened the belief of the local population that our role here is to protect them. I can certainly affirm that I am fully content on the way the Romanian militaries are carrying on their missions”.

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