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Multinational Exercise „Vigurous Warrior 17”

A detachment of over 100 Romanian troops participate in the multinational military exercise „Vigurous Warrior 17” (VW17), conducted in Lehnin, Germany over September 4 to 22.

This is a NATO Medical Exercise organized by MILMED COE, designed for joint training and evaluation of interoperability and capacity of tactical maneuver, including the redeployment of ROL 2 Framework Nation Concept medical formations. It is also meant to assess the response capacity in case of a large number of victims resulting from a military operation, the interaction between military and civilian, national, multinational and private medical units, with focus on civilian and military cooperation, evaluation of the capacity to ensure continued medical care during evacuation and the response capacity in case of a biological incident (outbreak of an epidemic).

The Romanian detachment consists of servicemen of the Ministry of National Defence and ROL 2 modules, a ROL 1 medical formation and a C-27J Spartan medevac aircraft, whereas the Ministry of Internal Affairs participates with personnel, a CBRN special vehicle, a personnel and multiple victims carrier, a vehicle for CBRN reconnaisance and assessment and one for interventions.

The exercise brings together about 900 troops from 27 NATO member and partner countries while the Distinguished Visitors’ Day is scheduled for September 15.

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This is the fourth edition of bi-annual exercise VW17, that was conducted in Hungary in 2011, in Germany in 2013 and in Czech Republic in 2015. Romania has the most consistent contribution to the exercise since it has been created.

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